17 November 2010

Our Discography

A. Should I Tell You/I'm Sixteen B. Not This One/Over There EP. 
Make A Mess Records 2009. 
Limited to 500. OUT OF PRINT. 

A. Highly Evolved B. Takes So Little. 
Captured Tracks 2009. 
Limited to 1000. OUT OF PRINT.

Early Singles Collection: 
The Make-A-Mess EP + Captured Tracks Single 
+ an exclusive bonus track from the same early 
recording sessions featuring Hollie and John. 
2009. Available on Captured Tracks.

Introducing Brilliant Colors LP
2009. Available on Slumberland Records.

A. Never Mine B. Kissing's Easy
2010. Available on Slumberland Records.

A. Walk Into the World B. Bad Vibes
2010. Limited to 800. Available on Make-A-Mess Records.

A. Walk Into the World B. Bad Vibes 
UK Import Version with hand screened sleeves.
2010 Germs of Youth.
Limited to 300. OUT OF PRINT.

Split Single
A. I Lose by Girls Names
B. You Win by Brilliant Colors
2010. Available on  
Slumberland Records in the U.S. 
 Tough Love Records in the U.K.

Again and Again LP

New Tour Flexi
Self-Released 2013.
Available soon from Revolver USA 
or directly at our shows

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  1. is the split 7" out this month?
    can't wait to have my greedy paws on it!